Waleri's bear
Waleri from South Carolina, USA, harvested this bear in spring 2015, and made a shoulder mount by himself.

Black bear hunts.

This hunt is being offered for 6 days. Hunters arrive on Sunday around noon and leave next Saturday.
On Sunday, you unpack, sign in your guns and rest. On Monday, around 3 PM, the hunt will begin. You will be hunting in the woods, at an active baiting site. Usually we take a truck, then an ATV, and then walk on foot. We cannot guarantee that you will shoot a bear, but we guarantee that you will see some.
Hunters will stay in touch with the outfitter per walkie-talkie. Upon a successful shot, your outfitter will immediately come and help with the trophy. We skin the bear at the camp and freeze the hide (or use salt). You can later take it to the taxidermist of your choice or tan the hide yourself. It is a good idea to bring along a cooler for the hide.
Price of a hunt is $2400 plus license fees, this includes 3 full meals per day, and 6 nights stay in a spacious log cabin.
Bringing your spouse, partner, or friend along? This is an excellent idea! Just add $500 per additional guest. Or ask us about a special offer.
Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to have a hunt, and at the same time, a romantic vacation together, with a family member, and/or with your loved ones.

License prices can be looked up here:http://www.environment.gov.sk.ca/hunting/

Black Bear
Saskatchewan Resident - $25.00
Canadian Resident - $100.00
Guided (Canadian and Non-residents) - $200.00, plus Resource Allocation License - $50.

Licenses can (and should) be purchased online in advance here:http://www.environment.gov.sk.ca/licences/

Information about transporting firearms to Canada can be found here:http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/information/visit/index-eng.htm

Season is from 15 April until 30 June, and from 25 August until 14 October.

Questions? Please send us an e-mail

Alexander from Montreal, Canada. Spring 2016. Bowhunting.

Reinhard from Dortmund, Germany. Spring 2015.

Sergej from Dortmund, Germany. Spring 2015.

Dave and his trophy.

Waleri from USA, South Carolina. Spring 2015.

Kevin and his trophy.

Sergej, Reinhard and their host Olga.

Breakfast outside.

Supper after a succesful hunt.