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Bear watching in the wilderness.

Watching a bear in the wild, deep in the woods, is an amazing experience. It cannot be compared to seeing a bear crossing the road, or seeing a bear in the ditch when driving by.

Come and stay in our cozy cabins, and enjoy the scenery. And go for a bear watching tour. You will be accompanied by an experienced (and armed) outfitter.

We have small buildings placed in the woods (they are called "blinds") located near bear feeding places (they are called "baits"). Buildings are sturdy, and have doors, and small windows on all sides, and they have chairs, so one can sit and wait, and maybe read a book. We can almost guarantee that you will see a bear.

Each site has a camera installed, and is recording all furry visitors.
Last year we had a mama bear with 4 cubs. Watching them eating and playing was a once in the lifetime experience.

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We would love to have you as our guest!