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Our farm animals.

Well, you cannot really call it a Petting Zoo. It is just a small hobby farm. The animals provide enormous joy not only to every child, but to adults as well.
Please come and enjoy our friendly and lovely creatures!
And some fresh farm eggs, from free range chickens.

Chickens are always interested in old machinery, they try to analyze the problem, and then they repair the tools.

One of the young chickens. We usually always have little chickens hatching.

Laying hens. Still investigating what could be the problem with that old rusty device.

Bantam chickens are always fun to watch.

Meet Lorry, the little goat.

She is friendly, and extremely curious.

Billy is a serious boy.

Billy and Lorry are always together.

Do you have a treat for me? Plea-a-a-a-se!

Matilda and Marius, our pot-bellied pigs.

They like to dig up the yard.

Marius is in love with Matilda.

Sometimes he tries to kiss her!

Matilda is always busy, and if you don't have a treat for her then you will be ignored and unfriended. Until you come back with a treat.

Rabbits. They have their own enclosure.

But of course they don't care about fences, they get out whenever they want.

Red, white, black, different colors.

Blacky is very smart. And friendly. So are the red guys.

Green grass, or fresh hay - that's the joy of life! Of a rabbits life.

We have treats for the animals, for a small donation you can take a can of treats and feed the animals.
All donations go towards purchasing food for the animals, they have their own food bank.

Questions? Please send us an e-mail

We would love to have you as our guest!