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Activities, attractions, fun. What can you do at Siberian Outfitters.

Fishing. Angling. Boating. Swimming. Paddling. And more fishing!
There are plenty of lakes around. Some of them are in very close proximity, eg. Little Bear Lake (North Access, with public boat launch), Dupueis Lake, Sealey Lake, Road Lake - all are located literally just a couple of kilometers from our camp. And a short drive away you will find lots of lakes, some are stocked annually with trout and other fish species. You can rent our canoe or our boat. Just to name a few lakes - Heart Lake , Big Sandy Lake, Summit Lake, Deschambault Lake, Piprell Lake. Here is a very good resource, which will not only list about 60 of different lakes, but will tell you just everything what you wanted to know - what kind of fish they are holding, where they are located, if there is a boat launch available, and much more: SPORT FISHING WATERS IN NARROW HILLS PROVINCIAL PARK AND SURROUNDING AREA

Narrow Hills Provincial Park hiking trails. Nature trails. ATV trails. Scenic drive.
There is a short walking trail from our camp to the shore of the Little Bear Lake. If you like hiking we will show you some excellent and tucked away trails located close by. You will also find lots of information on the following website below.

Gem Lakes! Always worth a hike and a photo session.
Gem lakes is a group of small, deep and beautiful lakes, named after precious stones - Jade, Diamond, Opal, Sapphire and Pearl Lakes.
Located just a short drive away from our camp, those lakes are a real gem. Hidden away in the boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan!
Gem Lakes Hiking Trails.pdf
All of the lakes (except Pearl) are stocked with trout each year. The three camping sites offer a picnic table and a firepit, and there is an outhouse at the parking lot.

NIPEKAMEW SAND CLIFFS. Also called Secret Sands.
Never heard about them? No surprise.
The Nipekamew Sand Cliffs are located 45 minutes southeast of the Town of La Ronge, accessible by a gravel road. The place is almost a secret. Why? Because besides being so beautiful the sand cliffs are also very fragile, they could be easily damaged. That's why the place is not being advertised or promoted in the public. There is a very nice trail, an outhouse at the parking lot, and very informative signs along the trail. Don't forget to bring your camera with you!

Interested in bear watching? In mushroom picking? In wild berries? Planning to make an extended ATV or hiking trip? Let us know about your preferences, and we will try to help you with some suggestions.

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