Originally from Western Siberia, it is no wonder that Wally and Olga fell in love with Saskatchewan. Its vivid skies, gently rolling plains, and the breathtaking beauty of its rugged north are strongly reminiscent of the Siberian landscape. Siberian Outfitters embodies Wally's and Olga's love of nature and the outdoors. Offering black bear hunts and high-end cabin rentals at affordable prices, the business caters to hunters, families, and nature lovers alike. Read on to learn more about the people behind the business.

Siberian Outfitters is a family-run business, owned and operated by Wally and Olga Knorr.

Olga grew up in a small town in Western Siberia. At the age of 17, she moved to Omsk, Russia, to study accounting at Omsk State University. After finishing her degree, she worked as an accountant at an agricultural production facility in Kazakhstan. Three years later, she accepted a position as an accounting instructor at a technical institute, where she taught for two years, before meeting Wally.

Wally holds a degree in German philology and enjoyed many years working as a language teacher. He met Olga in 1987, and they got married the same year. Together they made a small, self-sustaining farm their home. Through managing the farm, Wally was able to hone his skills in carpentry, agriculture, mechanics, plumbing, and any other areas required for self-sufficiency. But when he wasn't working on the farm or at the local school, you could probably find him pushing rabbits, scouting for geese, or stalking big game.

With Wally's extensive experience hunting in Russia and Canada, and Olga's financial know-how (and excellent Russian-style cooking), Siberian Outfitters is not your average guide and outfitting business. Having lived on three different continents, the family has many interesting stories to share. Wally and Olga speak English, German, and Russian. They have three children: Erika (26), Elly (26), and Katie (29).

Left to right: Elly, Wally, Olga, Katie, and Erika in front of the Hermitage Cabin.

Erika studied English and history at the University of Saskatchewan, and completed her second degree in education in 2015. She now works at a school in rural Saskatchewan. Erika and her fiance Josh frequently visit the Siberian Outfitters camp and assist with its operation when needed.

Erika and Josh on a surfing trip in Ucluelet, British Columbia.

Elly studied biology, chemistry, and art at the University of Saskatchewan and graduated in June of 2015 with her second degree, a Bachelor of Education, just like her twin sister. Elly recently accepted a position at Craik School in Craik, Saskatchewan, where she enlightens young minds with her knowledge of math and science. In the early stages of the business, Elly assisted with moving and setting up the cabins. She visits the camp on weekends and helps out where needed.

Elly canoeing on the North Saskatchewan River, about 100 km south of Cumberland House, Saskatchewan.

Katie has a degree in English and French, and completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Saskatchewan in 2012. Katie supports the marketing and communications efforts of Siberian Outfitters. She recently relocated to British Columbia with her partner Robin, where they enjoy hiking, camping, and swimming.

Katie and Robin at the Chilliwack Tulip Festival in Chilliwack, British Columbia.